Our mission is to cultivate and support strong, resilient entrepreneurs who are not only equipped to lead their families but also to empower their communities and achieve complete financial freedom for their futures. We are dedicated to providing a platform where business strategies are shared, tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs currently generating less than $150,000 in annual revenue. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters growth, resilience, and long-term success, enabling entrepreneurs to make a significant impact both in their personal lives and their broader communities.

About Our Founder


Former Special Warfare Veteran and Multi-Million Dollar business owner. While serving active duty, Nathan pursued His dream of starting his own business and was able to eventually scale his operation to over $10 MILLION in revenue. Along his journey, Nathan found Jesus. Now uses His learned skills and strategies to help men find their purpose, unleash their internal power as well as helping them to scale their businesses and increase their monthly income.


Being a part of Crucible has improved every facet of my life. Living my dream as a full-time fitness coach and collaborating on the development of a supplement company is just the beginning. My marriage is at its strongest, my connection with my children has deepened, and my faith has never been more profound. The brotherhood I've discovered within Crucible is unparalleled and will last a lifetime.

Donny M.

 I went from having no real set goals, working a full-time job, struggling with my relationship at home and having no real structure with my gym routine and diet. To starting my own electrical business from nothing and it is growing each and everyday with the support of my business coach that Crucible provides.

Tom D.